Auto Parts

Auto parts manufacture / supplier

RPPL Industries is one of the leading automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers supplying auto parts in US, Canada and Mexico along with warehousing services.

We serve automotive industry with manufacturing cnc machined parts and supplying machined forgings, aluminum castings and cold headed parts. In automotive, our machined forged portfolio of auto parts includes engine components, steering components, transmission components, differential components, and auto pump components.

Why Select RPPL for Auto Parts

RPPL can draw on a vast knowledge base developed from the market sectors we serve and assist you to pinpoint, source and integrate custom component into your project. Our relationships with key vendors and our engineering capabilities allow us to assist you in selecting the appropriate auto component for your application. Whether we produce your auto parts from our plant Domestically or we supply it through our global partners, our quality products are cost effective and on time.

We are supplying an array of automotive fasteners including bolts, screws, studs, nuts, hex nuts, weld nuts, flange nuts, hex bolts, rivet nuts, and a wide range of other cold formed parts.

We are an industry expert in two-wheeler and four-wheeler alloy wheels. Apart from wheels, we distribute other aluminum cast auto parts as well. Transmission housing, Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Crank case, Crank case covers, throttle body, and oil pan are some of the parts which are in recent supply portfolio. We also provide composite automotive products like dashboard, fender, door frame plenum chamber and bumper parts.

We supply auto parts to OEMs, Tier one, and Tier two. We have ability to warehouse and supply parts in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

To learn more about our auto parts capabilities or to partner with us for your next project, contact us today.