What automotive parts does RPPL manufacture?

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April 20, 2024


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RPPL Industries is one of the notable automotive parts manufacturer and suppliers supplying their products in United States of America, Canada and Mexico. RPPL also provides warehousing services. They serve automotive industry with manufacturing CNC machined parts, aluminum castings, forgings, and cold headed parts.

The company is particularly known for its high-volume custom manufacturing for automotive industry. Their products include hot forgings, components like shafts, gears, pistons, rotor connectors, flanges and more along with CNC machined components.

They also supply fasteners including nuts and bolts catering to broad range of industries across North America.

Here is the list of automotive parts manufactured by RPPL-

  1. Steel forgings: They include parts like gears, shafts and pistons which are critical for the mechanical aspects of automotive systems.
  2. Aluminum castings: These components include parts like engine blocks, transmission cases that are important for constructing lightweight cases and efficient vehicles.
  3. Fasteners: This category includes various types of fasteners including nuts, bolts, screws that are significant part for assembling different automotive parts securely.
  4. CNC machined parts: They are precision-machined components like rotor connectors, flanges made using Computer Numerical Control technology for high accuracy and quality.

All these products are manufactured by RPPL for high-volume needs and are normally used in automotive industry, showcasing RPPL Industries focus on custom manufacturing for this domain.

How RPPL Industries does manufacture its products?

RPPL Industries manufactures its automotive products by using several cutting-edge manufacturing processes. These processes ensure best quality, precision and efficiency in production.

  • Forgings: The Company involves steel forgings that shape the metal using localized compressive forces done at high temperature. Forging is used to produce strong, durable parts like gears, pistons, shafts and more. The company uses hammers and presses to deform the metal into desired shape.
  • Castings: It uses aluminum castings that involve pouring molten aluminum into a mold where it solidifies into a specific shape. The method is ideal for creating complex shapes and is favored for its light weight and strong features.
  • Machining: CNC machining parts involves using computer controlled machine tools to shape metal into precision dimensions. The process is used for making high-precision components allowing high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Fastener manufacturing: RPPL manufactures nuts, bolts, screws and special cold formed parts through a combination of forging and machining. The shapes of the fasteners are initially shaped following threading and finishing operations performed through machining. The state-of-the-art production methods followed by RPPL in fasteners manufacturing ensures the fasteners are strong and meet the exact specifications for automotive assembly.

RRPL Industries is the reputed automotive parts manufacturer that ensures quality control through various testing and inspection processes. The company is IATF and ISO 9001 certified and it adheres to international standards of quality management in the automotive industry.


Where is RPPL Industries location?

RPPL is headquartered in Toronto, but it serves customers throughout North America through facilities in United States and Mexico.

Who are the target customers of RPPL?

The majority of the customers of RPPL are Tier I automotive companies in North America.

Where RPPL does manufactures its products?

RPPL manufactures its products in a number of dedicated facilities in Taiwan and India.