CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping

CNC Machined Parts Rapid Prototyping

RPPL offers quality CNC machined parts rapid prototyping. Our expertise in rapid prototyping ensures that your desired product will have the correct material properties and surface finishes and it meets your most stringent requirements. Most of the quotes for prototypes are given with in 24 hours. To help enhance your design to reduce manufacturing costs and increase part performance, RPPL offers comprehensive engineering support. Our end-to-end capabilities mean we can help take your project from an initial concept to all the way to performing its ultimate function. We have worked with many start-ups to tweak design for manufacturing, correct quality issues, and go from small batch to volume ramp. By assisting in the final design when required, we support our clients to save on raw material, time, and money.

Our vertically integrated approach ensures your project will be assigned an expert machinist who is directly in charge of the programming, set-up, machining, and in-process inspection for your part. This ensures we can provide a seamless transition of manufacturing operations from prototyping stage to production volume. Our manufacturing services and experienced team have the capability to turn customer’s models and drawings into parts for all most all of the industries including automotive, agricultural, commercial machinery, aviation, marine, pharmaceutical and all types of equipment industries. If you do not have drawing, we can do reverse engineering to produce custom vintage part by understanding its application. We have nearly all manufacturing capabilities in house, from the CAD software to the surface finish tooling for CNC rapid prototyping.

  • CNC Turning Centers
  • CNC Turn Mills
  • VMC Machines with 4-axis capability
  • 5-axis Machines
  • Surface Grinders
  • Cylindrical Grinders
  • Co-ordinates Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Capability to produce parts as large as 80” x 32” and up to 2 Tonnes in weight
  • Ability to work with a diverse set of materials including raw forgings, raw castings, steel, aluminum, brass, PVC etc.
  • Full engineering support present on-site to assist clients with developing parts
  • Ability to warehouse and supply parts in USA, Canada, and Mexico

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