Cold Headed Cold Formed Parts


RPPL Industries is one of the leading suppliers of cold formed parts of wide range of industries across North America such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial, agricultural, construction etc. Our success lies in our strong focus on quality, on time delivery, exceptional customer care and competitive pricing. Depending on the final application, we use a variety of methods to produce cold formed parts. These include CNC machining, hot forging, cold forming, thread rolling, grinding etc. Depending on the project low volume production options are also available. We as one of the biggest cold headed parts suppliers to the North American market, often get requests for custom specialty fasteners with differing size, shape, strength, process, and application requirements

Finally, PPAP, IMDS, and SPC documentation is also available upon request for all specialty fasteners.

The following is a list of select cold formed parts that we have supplied. If you do not see the product you are looking for in the list below, then please feel free to contact us. Our experienced team of engineers and account managers will be happy to assist.

Selected specialty fasteners and cold headed parts include:

  • 6-lobe / recess Bolts
  • Ball Studs
  • Clinch Studs
  • Cups
  • Double End Studs
  • Double Ended Studs
  • Hub Bolts
  • Pinion Lock Nuts
  • Shoulder / weld Bolts
  • Slotted Ring Lock Nuts
  • Slotted Round Nuts
  • Trail Pins
  • “T” Weld Nuts

We also provide Mat thread, taptite 2000 and Torx plus.

cold header formed parts