Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts Supplier

RPPL Industries Ltd, located in Brampton, ON, is one of the leading nuts and bolts suppliers. We are automotive nuts and bolts supplier, and we supply to nonautomotive industries as well ranging from cars to houses, home appliances to fitness equipment, consumer electronics to motorcycles. Our relationships with key bolts and nuts suppliers and our engineering capabilities allow us to assist you in selecting the appropriate engineered component for your usage.

We as a bolts and nuts supplier, meet the requirements of our broad array of customers by supplying a wide range of parts to fit the varying size, strength, material, and application requirements. We are manufacture of specialty fasteners and we continually work with customers to design and supply to meet their specific needs. Whether you need a hex nut or a torque nut; standard nuts and bolts styles or custom two- or three-piece assemblies; or something entirely specific to your project, we have an experienced team to design and produce virtually any type of nut and bolts for any application. If the component you are seeking is not listed below, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of type of nuts, bolts and screws we supply are:

  • Bolts with inner thread
  • Banjo Bolts
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Castle Bolts
  • Flange Bolts
  • Hex Bolts
  • Inner Thread Bolts
  • Lag Bolts
  • Panel Fasteners
  • Plough Bolts
  • Recess Bolts
  • Shoulder Bolts
  • Socket Recess
  • Square End Bolts
  • Step Bolts
  • Thread Forming Screws
  • Weld Bolts
  • Wheel Bolts
  • Axle Tube Nuts
  • Collar Nuts
  • Clinch Nuts (Hex, Hex Flange, Round etc.)
  • Nylon Insert Nuts
  • Pinion Locknuts
  • Slotted Nuts
  • Torque Nuts (crown lock, centre lock etc.)
  • Various Flange Nuts
  • Washer Assembly Nuts
  • Weld Nuts (Flange, Countersunk, T, Square, Round etc.)
  • Wheel Nuts
  • Sheet Metal Screws
  • Shoulder Screws
  • Socket Screws
  • Machine Screws

PPAP, IMDS and SPC are available. We also provide Mat thread, taptite 2000 and Torx plus. To learn more about our fasteners abilities or to partner with us for your next manufacturing project, contact us today.

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