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Pins & Inserts

Pins & Inserts

RPPL supplies standard and custom-made pins and inserts produced from cold forming as well as CNC machining.

Made from heat treated alloy steel, our pins are used for multiple purposes such as a locator, or for aligning / joining mating parts. Furthermore, pins also help prevent slippage which can occur in electrical components and machine assembly. We can machine very precise pins which help us meet ANSI standards and are used in industries such as automotive and aerospace where tight tolerances can be critical.

Additionally, RPPL also supplies non, partially, and fully threaded inserts made from various materials. These inserts can be pressed-in, moulded-in, or use heat / ultrasonic installation methods.

PPAP, IMDS, and SPC available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about these products. Our experienced team of engineers and account managers will gladly assist in making your project a reality.