Quality Assurance VS Quality Control: Unveiling the Mystery

In production and service industry verticals, the concepts of Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two important parameters.

Both quality controland quality assurance by the professional quality control services are important for maintaining high standards; however their roles and methods are distinct.

What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services?

Quality Assurance-

Quality assurance is the set of activities that ensures the processes in manufacturing and production meet specific requirements consistently. It is a process-oriented and focuses on preventing defects before they of occur.

This approach involves the entire process of product development from design to delivery aiming to improve the processes to prevent quality issues. This include certain key aspects-

  • Process standardization: Establishing standardized procedure based on recognized standards.
  • Training of employees: Ensuring all the team members understand and follow required quality standards.
  • Continuous improvement: Utilizing cutting-edge methods like Six Sigma and other to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality Control-

Quality Control is a product-oriented approach. It focuses on identifying defects in the final products before they reach the customers. Quality control is a reactive process that comes into play after the product has been developed.

The reliable quality control services measure the test the products to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications set during the product design phase. It includes key aspects-

  • Inspection and testing: Regular examining samples of finished products and testing them against quality standards.
  • Detect identification: Identifying and documenting any deviations from quality norms.
  • Correction actions: Implementing solutions to rectify detected problems to prevent their reoccurrence.

Here is the gist of difference between the two-

  1. Quality Assurance focus on preventing defects by improving and stabilizing production process while quality control identifies and rectifies defects in finished products through inspection and testing.
  2. Quality assurance is process-oriented and proactive aiming to ensure quality during development phase while quality control is product-oriented and reactive focusing on identifying defects after production.
  3. Quality assurance involves setting up quality management systems and standardizing procedures, whereas quality control involves testing and inspection of products to ensure they meet quality standards.
  4. Quality assurance aims at preventing problems from occurring and quality control aims at detecting and fixing issues in the final output.
  5. Quality assurance enhances overall process efficiency and reliability and quality control ensures the final product meets the required quality norms.

Both quality assurance and quality control are both pillars to robust quality management system and focus on different aspects of quality. Businesses seeking excellence must effectively implement quality assurance and quality control services to ensure the highest norms of quality are met consistently.


  1. What is Quality Control?
    It is the process of identifying and rectifying defects in finished products through inspection and testing.
  2. What is Quality assurance?
    It prevents defects by focusing on improving and stabilizing production processes and ensuring quality standards are met through development.
  3. What are quality control services?
    The quality control services involve inspection, testing, and certification to ensure the products meet the specified quality norms and are free from defects.