Saving Money on Auto parts: Tips and Tricks for DIYers

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May 13, 2024


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In the domain of car maintenance and repair, doing it yourself can be a great way to save money and know your vehicle better. However cost of the auto parts can quickly add up and burn a hole in your pocket, leaving you financially burdened and frustrated.

Saving Money on Auto parts: Tips and Tricks for DIYers

Here are the ten money-saving auto repair hacks that will keep your car in the best working condition and also save some serious cash along the way. Here are some of the tips and tricks for DIYers that help them save money.

  1. Changing of oil: Oil in the car lubricates with the engine’s moving parts, minimizing the friction and wear, and helps scatter the heat, ensuring the engine runs efficiently and smoothly. It is advisable to change the oil of the car typically every 3000 to 5000 miles. An oil change is one of the most frequent and important maintenance tasks of the car. Changing oil at a service centre can cause you huge amount. So, if you learn doing oil change on your own, you can save money. With new oil filter and few tools you can change the car’s oil and save significantly on each oil change.
  2. Cleaning of air filter: A dirty air filter can affect the fuel efficiency and performance of the car. Instead of buying a new filter every time, consider cleaning it on own. Air filters can be cleaned by rinsing them in water and gentle driving can make them as good as new, extending the lifespan and saving money.
  3. Replacement of brake pad: Brake pads wear out over time and need regular replacement. Learning to replace them on own, will save expensive labor costs.
  4. Research and compare prices: Do thorough research before buying any auto parts for your car. Check the credible websites online and compare the prices. Also, check out local and retail auto parts who may offer discount and other facilities that save money.
  5. Go Generic: While OEM auto parts are ideal for most repairs, generic products are cheaper and of similar quality and exceed the performance of OEM parts. Read the reviews and check the compatibility before purchasing.
  6. Touch-up magic paint for minor scratches: Minor scratches and pain chips can make your car less appealing. Try some best quality touch-up paint magic at home. Get small bottle touch-up paint as per the color of your car and make the scratches disappear without breaking the bank.
  7. Restoration of headlights: Dull and foggy headlights affect the visibility on road. Instead of buying new headlights, try Do it yourself head light restoration kit. This cost-effective solution can make the car headlights shine bright again.
  8. Maintenance of tire: For better fuel efficiency and tire longevity proper tire maintenance is important. Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure and regularly check for signs of wear. Simple tire maintenance can lead to great savings on fuel or tire replacement costs.
  9. Fluid checks: Regularly check the fluid of the car including coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. It is important to keep these fluids at the correct levels to prevent costly repairs and ensure the car runs smoothly.
  10. Fix windshield chips: A small chip of your windshield can turn quickly into a major crack, repairing costly replacement. Use a windshield repair kit to fix the chip yourself. It is a simple and cost-effective solution that saves from replacing the entire wind shield.
  11. Negotiate: When purchasing car auto parts from private sellers or local store, negotiate the price. Sellers expect bargaining and you might have a substantial amount by making an offer below the asking price.

Saving on auto repairs need not be complicated. By mastering these ten money-saving DIY auto repair tips and tricks, one can take control of their car’s maintenance and save their hard-earned money.

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