Machined Forgings

RPPL is supplying machined forged parts to OEMs, Tier one and Tier 2 companies. We have expertise in producing engine components, transmission components, steering components, differential components, auto pump components, farm components, bike components and defence components.

With 3 dedicated facilities, RPPL can process about 30,000 Tonnes of forgings annually. We are always focussed to improve performance while cutting costs; in that Way delivering high quality precision engineered components at very competitive prices. We accomplish our vision through brilliance in operations, customer satisfaction, deploying latest technology with skilled & motivated team.

We have invested in modern systems integrating revolutionary technologies. Our company creates the great balance in the Man-Machine Synergy. The planning for the best forgings, top quality raw material, advanced machines and futuristic technologies certifies operative excellence of our machined forged parts.

Our ability to supply hot, warm and cold machined forgings from under one roof makes us a natural choice to develop even the most complex steel forged parts. Please visit pages below for our hot and cold forgings capability.

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Crank Shaft



What type of forgings does RPPL supply?

RPPL supplies a variety of forgings but specializes in providing highly precise steel forged parts. We provide both hot and cold forgings.

Where are RPPL’s forgings used?

RPPL supplies the majority of its forgings to the automotive industry where they are used in a variety of applications such as suspension, transmission, powertrain, engine, and auto pump assemblies among other end uses. Some of our forgings are used in other industries such as aerospace & defence, agriculture, machine manufacturing, and home appliances. Please visit our part gallery at

Where are these forgings made?

RPPL supplies forgings through dedicated plants in India. The parts are then shipped to North America and warehoused in one of our facilities in the USA, Canada, or Mexico depending on the final destination.

What type of equipments do these forging plants have?

We have over 23 forging presses. Hot forging presses range from 600 tons to 2500 tons. Cold forging presses range from 250 tons to 630 tons. Additionally, we have over 200 dedicated CNC machines. Finally we also have full array of other critical equipments such circular saws, billet shearing machines, induction billet heaters, trimming / coining presses, die manufacturing facilities, quality measurement tools, CMM machines, Millipore testing facilities etc.

What type of quality standards do these forging plants adhere to?

All three of our dedicated forging plants are IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, SA8000, and VDA 6.3 certified.

How big are the forgings that RPPL can supply?

We currently supply hot forgings up to 12 Kg and cold forgings up to 500 g. We are continually expanding our production capability and work with our customers to develop and manufacture parts that are out of our production range.