What are specialty fasteners?

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February 27, 2024


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Specialty fasteners are custom fasteners that are found in the applications where the standard fastener cannot provide the required structural integrity or performance. They are thoughtfully designed as per specific function.

They refer to the broad category of fastening devices that are engineered meticulously for specific applications or situations where the standards fasteners may not be suitable. These fasteners are engineered to meet the unique needs and provide solutions for various industries and specific projects.

Speciality fasteners

Specialty fasteners are in demand and are used to secure specific products that attach metals, plastics, or composite materials. Some of the common examples of specialty fasteners are –

  1. Shear pins: They are designed to fail under specific amount of force, which is when it sheers at a predetermined point. They are used in safety applications where component must be disengaged during overloads.
  2. Threaded inserts: They are used to reinforce or repair threads in softer materials, to improve durability of the fastening.
  3. 12-point socket flange screw: These are threaded fasteners with 12 external or internal points with a flange that looks like washer. They are ideal as replacement for regular socket head cap screws.
  4. Lock washers: They are used to prevent a fastener from loosening due to vibration. They are used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications where standard springs are not suitable.
  5. Star drive screws: The fastener comprises cross-shaped head with deep wings and is apt for plastic wood, or sheet metal use. They can secure objects together without the need for bolts and nuts.
  6. 6-point specialty screw: They are smartly designed to fit in a pre-drilled hole and feature six points on head that help minimize the risk of stripping them when tightened. They are perfect for projects where space or weight is limited because they are compact and light in weight.
  7. Trilobular screws: They are designed to provide more torque than regular fasteners making them ideal for materials like aluminum and plastic. They are resistant to vibration loosening.
  8. Self-threading screws: Self-threading screws are engineered to cut their thread into material they are being screwed into. This makes them an ideal option when they is no need to access tap or die set and need to create a threaded hole in material that would otherwise be tough to thread.
  9. Electronic hardware: These are specialty fasteners designed for use in electronic devices and equipment that include stand offs, spacers, and PCB hardware.
  10. Aircraft fasteners: They are meticulously designed specialty fasteners that meet the stringent requirements of aerospace industry including materials with high strength to weight ratios.

Why use specialty fasteners in project?

Using specialty fasteners offers many benefits

  1. They prevent from using different standard fasteners that can affect the project’s integrity
  2. Specialty fasteners can be customized as per exact specifications that allow one to get a unique fit for the project, ensuring all the parts fit securely in place.

Specialty fasteners are used in specific purposes. If you need a fastener that provides optimum performance due to its unique application, then specialty fastener is an ideal solution that can perfectly meet the needs of the project.

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