What are the five basic types of Fasteners?

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April 12, 2024


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Fasteners are the widely used hardware devices that mechanically join or affix two or more objects together.

The best quality fasteners procured from the reliable fasteners suppliers play a significant role in wide range of applications that include construction, manufacturing, assembly processes and providing temporary or permanent joints without the requirement for welding.

What are the basic types of Fasteners?

  1. Screws: Screws are threaded fasteners used for holding materials together or attaching them to other surfaces. They are the most commonly used and versatile types of fasteners designed to hold the materials together or to position the objects. The screws can be driven into materials directly or used with pre-drilled holes. Screws are usually threaded into the material itself.
  2. Bolts: Bolts are the threaded shafts that work in conjunction with nut. They are used to fasten two or more parts together. Bolts hold two or more materials together. They are similar to screws but they normally require nuts to secure them that distinguish them from screws.
  3. Nuts: Nuts are used in conjunction with bolts. They are used in wide applications to fasten materials together. Nuts are normally hexagonal in shape and are threaded internally.  They are fastener with a threaded hole. They are typically used in conjunction with bolt to fasten multiple parts together.
  4. Rivets: Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners that consist of smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. Rivets are inserted into punched or drilled holes of the parts to be joined and then are deformed on the end opposite to the head to provide a permanent fastening. They are commonly used when the joint needs strong, reliable support that does not require future disassembly. They are chosen for their durability and the reliability of joint they create. Some specific applications of rivets include aerospace, construction and automotive areas. Rivets offer a strong and durable solution for fastening materials, especially in all those applications where the joint must withstand significant stress or where the aesthetics of a smooth, clean finish is required.
  5. Nails: Nails are pointed pieces of metal used to join materials like wood by driving the nail into the material usually with a hammer. They are simple and quick fastening method. They are used for joining pieces of materials together mainly wood. Nails are one of the oldest and most widely used fasteners because of their simplicity, low cost and effectiveness. They are driven into material with the help of hammer or pneumatic nail gun.

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When selecting the right fastener for a specific application, it is imperative to collaborate with the reliable fasteners suppliers to ensure the best quality, long-lasting and corrosion resistance fastener.


1. What are fasteners?

Fasteners are hardware devices that are designed to mechanically join or secure two or more objects together.

2. Where are fasteners used?

Fasteners are used in wide range of applications that include construction, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and furniture assembly.

3. How to check the quality of fasteners?

The quality of fasteners can be checked through material inspection, dimensional accuracy, mechanical property testing and corrosion resistance testing.