What type of milling cutters and used for roughing and finishing operations?

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December 13, 2023


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Milling cutters are the cutting tools used in milling machines or machining centre to perform milling operations. In a layman’s language they are the cutting tool that is responsible for scraping the material out of work piece.

They have wide applications and are used in multiple operations –

Types of Miling cutters for roughing operations

For roughing operations, it is best to use a pressing blade that minimizes the processing cost. Although dimensional accuracy and sharpness of pressing blade are worse than those of grinding blade, its edge strength is better. This milling cutter is impact resistant during rough machining and can handle large cutting depths and high feeds.

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Types of Miling cutters for finishing operations

For finishing it is best to use a grinding blade. This type of blade has good dimensional accuracy that ensures the positioning accuracy of the cutting-edge, leading to better machining accuracy and surface roughness.

Selection of Milling cutters for roughing and finishing operations

Roughing –

The number of teeth must be considered when choosing a milling cutter. The size of tooth pitch will ascertain the number of cutter teeth involved in the cutting in the same and affect smoothness of cutting and the requirements of cutting speed of machine tool. Rough tooth milling cutters are used for rough machining due to their large chip removal groove. The cutting load tooth of coarse tooth milling cutter is more than that of a dense tooth milling cutter at same feed rate.

Because of heavy rough milling, excessive cutting face can lead to chatter in machine tools with low rigidity causing edge collapse of cemented carbide blades and shortening tool life. With the help of coarse tooth milling cutter, one can reduce the power need of machine tool.

Finishing –

For finish milling, a dense tooth milling cutter with a shallow cutting depth of generally 0.25 to 0.64 mm is recommended to select a dense tooth milling cutter.

Application of milling cutter

A milling cutter is an important component of milling machine. It is a cutting tool that is responsible for scraping material out of a work piece. All milling machines have cutter. These cutters during milling operation moves in 90 degree to its axis allowing the machine to remove material from the work piece on the circumference of the cutter.

The milling cutters are engineered from strong and hard materials that can withstand significant stress without breaking or damaging. A milling cutter is an important component of milling machine. It consists of multiple blades and is responsible for scraping material out of a work piece thus reshaping the work piece. Milling cutters from a reliable fastener manufacturer are of best quality and durable. For the good quality milling cutters at affordable rates and in sync with your project needs, work with a renowned manufacturer and supplier.