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Fasteners To help identify, source, and integrate fasteners into your projects, RPPL can draw on an extensive knowledge base obtained from the market sectors we serve. RPPL Industries is one of the biggest fasteners suppliers of a wide array of precision cold forged, high tensile strength fasteners. We can supply fasteners from a variety of [...]
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RPPL started supplying steel forgings to North America in 2008. With 3 dedicated facilities, RPPL can process about 30,000 Tonnes of forgings annually. Our ability to supply hot, warm and cold forgings from under one roof makes us a natural choice to develop even the most complex steel forged parts.

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Our aluminum casting products made a debut in North America over a decade ago. With annual capacity to process 42,000 Tonnes of material, we have been building a reputation as a one stop shop for our customers for High Pressure and Low Pressure Die Cast parts.

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CNC Machined Parts

RPPL operated a state of the art CNC machining facility in Ontario, Canada. Due to its flexible mandate, the facility takes on both high and low volume work including everything from prototype parts to large volume production runs.

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