Warehousing Services

Logistics & Warehousing

RPPL industries Ltd is an established ISO Certified warehousing company located in Brampton, Ontario, that provides third party warehousing to international, national, and local accounts.

The privately owned organization has serviced some of North America’s largest industries since its initiation. With time our warehousing has grown to provide distribution, order picking, rework, assembly and consolidation services for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide. We deliver engineering support and technical services like reverse engineering and quality sorting with the help of our state of art job/machine shop and qualified staff along with warehousing. We provide timely, cost-effective, and innovative services tailored to both our global and domestic customers and suppliers.

General Warehousing Storage

We assign key account staff to each customer, minimizing contact time for you and your staff. We provide twenty-four seven cloud access to view inventory. Also, daily, weekly, and/or monthly reporting of inventory, shipment and receiving or account activity report is supplied as required by the customer.

  • Our Warehouse Management System provides the ability to fully customize inventory records, including barcoding, to ensure the proper flow of inventory
  • Barcode scanning to expedite the picking and inventory control of product in our facility
  • Our Managing Reporting System provides the ability to deliver Key Performance Indicating reports on any periodic basis like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis.
  • EDI support for most systems can be adapted (contact us for detail)
  • Ability to install customer systems (terminals, computers, printers, routers, etc.) into our facility

Pick and Pack Services

RPPL stockroom provides pick and pack services geared towards meeting the rigorous needs of manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. We reduce double handling and eliminate the need of the high labour cost associated with order fulfillment, hence provide cost saving and efficiency by cross dock, flow-through and pick-from-bulk on-arrival systems. We have capacity to install client’s system like computer, printer, router etc to manage shipments.

To learn more about our warehousing capabilities or to partner with us for your next project, please contact us today.


What type of inventory management system does RPPL use?

RPPL uses a cloud based ERP management system that tracks inventory in real time.

How do customers keep up to date with current inventory levels?

RPPL dedicates an “account manager” to each customer. We can provide, daily, weekly, monthly inventory reports or on an as requested basis.

What type of technology is used within RPPL’s warehouses?

Our warehouses are outfitted with an advanced warehouse management system This allows us to pinpoint the exact location of any item within our facilities. Furthermore, we are outfitted with bar code scanners to accurately log the movement of inventory in and out of our facilities. Additionally, our EDI infrastructure also allows us to speed up and increase the efficiency of our communication with our customers and partners.

What logistical services does RPPL provide?

RPPL provides distribution services to move warehoused products to end customers. Additionally, we provide sorting, rust removal, and quality management services. Finally, we also provide assembly, consolidation and re-packing support to our clients.

Where are your warehousing facilities located?

RPPL offers warehousing services in multiple locations within Canada, USA and Mexico. Please Contact us for your specific needs.